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Rainbow Resource Center

Rainbow Resource Center

“’I need your 7th grade curriculum package.’ How often we’ve heard similar pleas, but didn’t have a package option to offer. Now we do! With the new homeschooler in mind, we wanted them to be easy to jump into and get started. They are! We also wanted them to be solid and strong in academics. They are! And we wanted them to utilize a variety of homeschooling products, so you would have a better idea of what works well for you and your students. They do! Can you tell we’re just a bit excited about these packages? They include products we have used in our own schooling. They include products that have a proven track record in terms of success. They include products that are effective with a variety of learning styles. New for 2013, we are offering two packages at each grade level, one that includes items with a Christian perspective and another package that does not. Getting started – and starting strong – has never been easier.”

Grades: Kindergarten – 8th Grade

Cost: $300-$500 per grade level

Religious: Both

Subjects: Language Arts, History, Science, History, Math

Method: Parent-led

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