Celebrate National Franklin Day!

Peanuts has declared July 31, National Franklin Day. In 1968, shortly after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., a Californian teacher, Harriet Glickman, wrote a letter to Charles Schulz, urging him to include a black character in the line-up.

Charlie Brown first met Franklin on a beach, on July 31, 1968.

National Franklin Day - First Appearance of Franklin
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Franklin Facts

  • Franklin’s father was a soldier in the Vietnam War.
  • He first met Charlie Brown on a beach, July 31, 1968.
  • He had no anxieties or obsessions.
  • Franklin was shown to be a good dancer in the animated shows.
  • He attends school with Peppermint Patty and Marcie (Marcie appears later).
  • He is known to quote the Old Testament.
  • He thinks highly of his grandfather.

*His last name may be Armstrong (Franklin Armstrong), as seen on television special, You’re in the Super Bowl, Charlie Brown, but this was never mentioned in the comic.

More about Franklin

Peanuts Comic
August 1, 1968


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August 2, 1968
August 2, 1968

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