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Who doesn’t love freebies? Whenever we find interesting freebies for homeschoolers, we’ll list them here. If you have a freebie to share, please don’t hesitate to let us know!


December 16, 2015

Maggy's Waggy Tail

Maggy’s Waggy Tail

What do you do when a puppy knocks on your door and your heart?
You let her in, of course. And life for the Taylor family hasn’t been the same since. Follow Maggy and her tail as she finds trouble at every wag. From the park, to school, and even a wedding, Maggy’s tail causes mischief and mayhem. Mr. Taylor wants Maggy gone but when her first owner claims her for his puppy mill will Mr. Taylor change his mind? Each chapter stands alone as a story but also combines to tell the tale of how Maggy and the Taylor’s become a family. A delightful summer read to enjoy on a rainy day or a sunny day at the park or beach.


December 15, 2015:

Azalea Unschooled

Azalea Unschooled

In Pennsylvania, it was a clothing boutique for pets. Then a breakfast buffet in North Carolina. Then an apple orchard in Connecticut. Now, Azalea’s dad says he’s going to drive a tour bus in Portland, Maine. Through all those moves, Azalea and her older sister were homeschooled by their mom. But when they move to Portland, Azalea’s mom asks them to try unschooling—a method of learning that gives children more freedom to direct their own education. As the sisters struggle to find a delicate new balance, their world is rocked when someone sabotages Dad’s tour bus. Azalea decides it is up to her to find the culprit and hold her family together. In her fresh and funny debut middle reader novel, Liza Kleinman deftly explores the new unschooling movement as well as the challenges of moving to a new home, making friends, and finding room for differences within a family.


October 12, 2014:

The Complete Minecraft Book Series (4 novels for kids)
Minecraft Novels