Free Curriculum

Don’t be surprised, but there are free curriculums available! Free curriculum is greatly appreciated by many families that can’t afford to purchase the higher priced books. Much of the free curriculum is put together by homeschooling parents that wish to share their methods and ideas. Some free curriculum is offered by larger companies or corporations. If you are searching for free homeschooling resources, please see our resources section.

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  • Ambleside Online – Grades: K-12 (unofficial) | Cost: Free [more]
  • An Old-Fashioned Education – Grades: K-12 | Cost: Free [more]
  • Brightly Beaming Resources – Grades: Nursery – PreK (some free resources for higher levels) | Cost: Free [more]
  • Easy Peasy – All in One Homeschool – Grades: Preschool-8th (has information for high school) | Cost: Free [more]
  • Free World U – Grades: K-12 | Cost: Free [more]
  • Hippo Campus – Grades: Upper Levels | Cost: Free [more]
  • The Puritan’s Homeschool Curriculum – Grades: K – 12 (can be difficult to navigate) | Cost: Free [more]