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A Simple Plan


A Simple Plan

A Simple Plan is a unique online lesson planner designed to help you organize and plan every school year. With this FREE online planner, you can simply plan lessons, make assignments, keep grades, schedule events, and do so much more.



  • Calendar: Schedule and organize your family’s important activities and events and set reminders.
  • Lesson Plan: Develop a weekly lesson plan in minutes for every student.
  • Curriculum: Keep a list of the curriculum for each school year.
  • Assignments: Create assignments and manage them for each student. Plus, have the option to print them by day or week.
  • Grading:Choose to grade assignments using letter grades or a whole number or percentage. Also, choose to weight tests, quizzes, mid-terms, and finals.
  • Library: Manage a list of reading books and keep track of where books came from or if you loaned or sold them at any point. Plus, print a report of books read by each student.
  • Reports: Create reports and transcripts for each student and print them for record keeping.



Religious or Secular

The company that makes A Simple Plan, Mardel Christian & Education, is a faith-based company. This product may contain religious content.

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